Domkal Girls’ College

Affiliated to Kalyani University
Recognised by the UGC u/s 2(f)


The twentieth century is the age of information and communication technology (ICT). ICT spreads its network in every sector of life. Education is not out of it. The devastation exposure of digital movement results in a positive impact in India. But it is already known that the digital knowledge of the backward and rural students is lower than that of urban students due to lack of digital exposure and facility. Therefore, the students of the backward and rural area suffer from many communication gaps in different sections. Consequently, in this digital age, they lag the other urban students. Domkal Girls’ College, situated in a backward and minarity prone area, has adopted various measures to raise the level of digital consciousness and competency of the students to familiarize them to the contemporary digital environment. With this objective in view, the college has established the ICT based teaching-learning system. ICT enabled classroom, seminar hall and lab make the mission of college authority successful. The ICT infrastructure of the college helps to maintain the entire education system fit and fine during the pandemic caused by Covid-19 when the students have been out of campus for a long time.

ICT Facilities at Campus:

Domkal Girls’ College is totally technology enabled. It has given special thrust on development of state-of-the-art ICT Infrastructure and facilities for all the stakeholders of the college to improve the quality of teaching-learning process and student’s services. The Computer Centre has been entrusted to implement and maintain various innovative ICT infrastructure and facilities under the ICT Working Committee.

ICT enabled Smart Campus:

We had initiated the process of converting the college Campus to become a smart Campus as a part of the Digital India Programme. We have successfully achieved this mission with the implementation of the following ICT Infrastructure and facilities in the College Campus. All the office work have been implemented through Computer Centre under the guidance of experts.

Computer Lab:

Well-furnished with a one server and more than 10 N-computing systems with high configuration with Internet and Wi-Fi Connected.

Wi-Fi enabled Campus:

The college campus has been made WI-FI enabled. All stakeholders including students, faculties, Officers, and Non-teaching staff are now using the WI-FI facility from anywhere in the campus.

Intelligent Security and Surveillance System:

A well planned and designed sophisticated CCTV Surveillance system has been developed throughout the campus with access control, detection alarm etc. All Cameras are in operation at present 24 hours across the campus covering Academic and office Campus. To protect the campus from external threat, viruses, spam Quick heal (anti-virus) has been introduced in server-based system and to control the client computer throughout the campus in centralized control system.

Data Centre:

To keep the institutional Data in Safe custody and to protect from external threat and to make the data highly available, Campus has developed Data Centre, storage and other Supporting devices, and cloud-based operation.