Domkal Girls’ College

Affiliated to Kalyani University
Recognised by the UGC u/s 2(f)

About Anti Ragging Cell

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As per the direction of the University Grants Commission (UGC), the College must constitute an Anti-Ragging Cell to prevent any form of ragging in the College. Any of the following actions will come under the purview of ragging

  • Any act of Indiscipline in the college campus.
  • Any form of Teasing or Behaving in Rude and Unfitting manner.
  • Any act of asking Questions or Enquiring in an Undesirable manner.
  • Any act that Prevents or Disrupts the Regular Academic Activity or Disturbing the Peaceful Atmosphere of the College.
  • Any act of creating Hardship, Physical or Mental Stress or Fear which disturbs the learning atmosphere of the students.
  • Financial Extortion or Forceful Expenditure.
  • Any act of Physical Abuse or Assault causing Harm or Danger to Health.
  • Any Act of abuse by spoken words, e-mails, SMS, public insult, or through Social Media Platforms.
  • Any Act that violates the fundamental right to human dignity.
  • The Act of molesting or committing unnatural offences or any unlawful conspiracy or assembly with the intention to Ragging.


The Anti-Ragging cell is the statutory body to ensure that the campus is free from any kind of Ragging. The main functions of the committee are.

  • To disseminate information against indulging in any kind of ragging issued by The Honourable Supreme Court of India, The Honourable High Court of West Bengal, and the UGC/University of Kalyani.
  • To organise awareness programmes on gender respect, human dignity, and moral and ethical values.
  • To examine the complaints lodged by the students on any kind of Ragging and to conduct an enquiry in this regard.
  • To formulate strategies for preventing or discouraging the menace of Ragging.


The Anti-Ragging Cell operates in the following areas

  • Receiving complaints on any matters related to Ragging.
  • Conducting preliminary enquiry.
  • Recommending actions to be initiated against the culprits including suggestions to forward the matter to the Governing Body.
  • Procedure:

    The Anti-Ragging Cell will follow the following procedure

  • Receiving the complaints in writing from the concerned students.
  • Examining the matter in detail based on available documents.
  • Recommending to the Principal to forward the matter to the Governing Body if there is any merit in the matter.
  • Recommending to the Principal to initiate disciplinary action against the culprit.
  • Action:

    Any student found guilty of Ragging in the College campus is liable to one or more of the following punishments

  • Suspension from the College.
  • Debarring from appearing in Internal and University Examinations.
  • Cancellation of Admission and compulsory Transfer Certificate.
  • Any punishment or fine awarded by the Legal Authority.
  • As per UGC’s regulations, it is mandatory for every student and his/her parents to submit an ‘Anti Ragging Affidavit’ at the time of admission and thereafter each year at the time of annual registration.