Domkal Girls’ College

Affiliated to Kalyani University
Recognised by the UGC u/s 2(f)

About Grievance Redressal Cell

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The Student’s Grievance Redressal committee is a statutory committee to look into the grievances and complaints lodged by the students and to examine the issue to arrive at inferences for recommending remedial measures. The Chairman of the committee is the Principal and six senior faculties are the members.


The main objectives of the committee are the following

  • To examine the issues and the complaints raised by the students with respect to the matters like harassment, victimization, unfriendly treatment or any other grievance which disturb the learning process of the student.
  • To address issues related to student-to-student relationship, student to teacher relationship, student to non-teaching staff relationship and the relationship between student and the academic community.
  • To encourage the students to lodge their grievances freely and frankly without any fear of being victimized.
  • To collect and examine the complaints/ grievances/ suggestions put by the students on Academic, Administrative, Infrastructural and any other matters in the complaints/ suggestion box or received by e-mail at
  • To encourage students to follow moral and ethical values and to desist from undesirable activities in the college campus.


The Student’s Grievance Redressal Committee will receive grievances in writing from the students about any of the following matters-

  • Academic Matters- The grievances of the students regarding syllabus completion, teaching methodology, approach and accessibility of the teacher, availability of the learning materials or any other academic matter.
  • Administrative Matters- The grievances related to the unfriendly approach of the office staff, delay in providing services from the office, inconvenient schedule of fees collection, problems in getting necessary certificates, functioning of the Library and such matters.
  • Other Matters- The committee will also examine the grievances related to insufficient facilities for recreation, shortage of hygiene facilities, problems of sanitation and water availability, availability of transport and all other matters not falling under the purview of other committees.
  • Procedure:

    The committee will follow the following procedure.

  • On obtaining a written grievance/ complaint the meeting of the committee is convened by the Principal to look into the matter.
  • If the names of the students are mentioned in the complaint, they will be called for an explanation. Otherwise, the committee will conduct an enquiry into the matter.
  • If there is any merit in the complaint, the committee will recommend appropriate measures for the redressal of the grievances.
  • Action:

  • The recommendations made by the committee will be discussed by the staff council and appropriate measures will be initiated to redress the grievance. It will be implemented by the Principal under the monitoring of the committee.