Domkal Girls’ College

Affiliated to Kalyani University
Recognised by the UGC u/s 2(f)

Department: PHYSICAL EDU

About The Department

The department of Physical Education, Domkal Girls’ College, Domkal, Murshidabad has started its journey with the affiliation of B.A. (General) in the year 2018 under the University of Kalyani. Department has started the course with 50 students and for the demand of the subject, the strength has increased to 100 students. Department has upgraded to the CBCS system from the academic session 2018-19. Additionally, a new session of the B.A Major course in Physical Education, aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020), commenced during the last academic session (2023-2024). The CBCS & NEP provides the opportunity for the students to choose the subject from the prescribed courses comprising core, elective, skill enhancement, or ability enhancement the department’s aim is to produce perfect students by providing theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge of the subject for the better performance in the field of games & sports or the higher education. The department has glorious history from the beginning of the course for the tremendous performance of the students at the inter-college level within the district or the state level.


The mission of the department is

  • To deliver quality education, proper infrastructure, and a healthy educational environment to produce quality sportspersons to represent them in the higher arena of Physical Education.
  • Keeping the higher ideal of all-around development, the faculty members are dedicated and determined to encourage the students by making them participate in various co-curricular activities.
  • We do believe in keeping the sportsman’s spirit while putting special emphasis on personality development.

The department has kept its visions with distinct objectives:

  • To help acquire a depth of knowledge of the academic discipline of Physical Education.
  • To develop knowledge and management skill for efficient functioning as organizers or managers for sports and games.
  • To develop a sense of dedication.
  • To provide leadership for the development of physical education as an integral part of all levels of the educational system.
  • To provide facilities and organizational infrastructure for sports activities of the college.
  • Physical fitness is made part of Curricular.
  • To counsel and guide students in fitness-related issues.
  • To promote mass participation of students in activities DPI-Sports and others sports competitions.
  • To plan and acquire facilities for sports development.
  • On June 21, 2019, the Department of Physical Education organized a workshop on Yoga on the occasion of Yoga Day.
  • Department of Physical Education organized a webinar on Yoga (To maintain the soul through Yoga in the Pandemic era) through online on 21 June 2021 despite the challenges of Corona Pandemic.
  • On June 21, 2023, the Department of Physical Education Celebrated Yoga Day.
  • B.A. Major in Physical Education from the session 2023-24.
  • B.A. Minor in Physical Education from the session 2023-24.
  • Note: Any Major Students can choose Physical Education as a Minor subject from the session 2023-24., is affiliated with the University of Kalyani, adhering to the guidelines outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020).
  • B.A. (GENERAL)
  • Note: Any hons. Students can choose Physical Education as a GE subject from the session 2020-21.

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Department: PHYSICAL EDU

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# Session File
1 2023-2024 (NEP) View
2 2023-2024 (CBCS) View
3 2022-2023 (CBCS) View
4 2021-2022 (CBCS) View
5 2021-2022 (CBCS) View
6 2019-2020 (CBCS) View
7 2018-2019 (CBCS) View


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# Session File


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