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Role and Functions of Research

• To strengthen the institutional capacity for strategic, technical and operational planning, budgeting and control of all research activities of the college;

• To create and administer a research fund for supporting and facilitating research initiatives and projects of faculty members and students;

• To develop rules, procedures and guidelines for granting research support, instituting awards, and supporting all other related activities;

• To provide a modality of for proper coordination of all research activities of the college and aligning these to the vision and missions of the college and national development goals;

• To identify and inform researchers about the appropriate research opportunities announced by different academic, research, industry or government organizations;

• To define an enabling framework for researchers to obtain sponsorships for research projects and which makes the participating researchers responsible for the successful implementation of the project;

• To encourage and facilitate the presentation/communication of the research work/projects as well as their findings and recommendations through academic events such as workshops/seminars/guest lectures or the media;

• To compile data on all the research work/projects undertaken by the teachers and students in to a database for easy monitoring and analysis of the progress being made by them from year to year;

• To provide a mechanism for ensure that academic staff attain the desired mix of teaching, research and consultancy outputs so as to achieve the level stated in the College mission;

• To develop, prescribe and administer rules and procedures to ensure the compliance of all researchers to the research quality assurance framework, the research code and all the applicable rules and regulations;