Library and Laboratory

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It remains open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days except holidays. The reading room is well conditioned

Some of the important features of the library service include the following:

• Easy Access to Books through Library Management: This software based book search is intended to make it easy for students to locate the books that they need.

• Increase in Borrower Cards: Borrower cards for the students of the regular undergraduate programme has been increased.

• Publication of Latest Additions: The list of new books and journals acquired by the library is published on a monthly basis through the college website.

• Uninterrupted Power: The library has been provided with UPS back up to cope with power outages.

• Suggestion Box: The Library Committee of the college has placed a special suggestion box for receiving feedback and suggestions from the students.

• Reference Service: Reference services all time irrespective of timings.

Students are advised to refer to the 'Library Usage Guidelines' as well as the 'Guidelines on Maintaining Academic Integrity' for making the best use of the library facility of the college.