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About The Library
The Library of our college has established in the year 2011. Since then library has made consistent progress in terms of collection of books and services provided. Library is well equipped with growing number of books, journals, magazines along with Electronic resources like E-books, E-Databases, CDs, DVDs, Audio Books, Library website, Institutional Repository, etc. Library provides Open Access to all the students. Library is user-friendly and techno-driven and automated with bar code technology and uses Open Source software’s.

Library Timing: It remains open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days except holidays.

The reading room is well conditioned some of the important features of the library service include the following:

Easy Access to Books through Library Management: This software based book search is intended to make it easy for students to locate the books that they need.

Increase in Borrower Cards: Borrower cards for the students of the regular undergraduate programme have been increased.

Publication of Latest Additions: The list of new books and journals acquired by the library is published on a monthly basis through the college website.

Uninterrupted Power: The library has been provided with UPS back up to cope with power outages.

Suggestion Box: The Library Committee of the college has placed a special suggestion box for receiving feedback and suggestions from the students.

Reference Service: Reference services all time irrespective of timings.
Main Library Rules
• Show your Identity Card whenever you visit the library.

• Take proper care of all library resources.

• Write your name in the register / scan your I-card at the counter while entering in the library.

• Kindly switch off the mobile phone while you visit the library.

• Any personal belongings are not permitted into the library.

• Eatables are not allowed inside the library & reading hall.

• Use students’ computer for searching required book.

• Students should return their book in given time period.

• Send us your valuable suggestions at email:

• Students should preserve their library copy of deposit chalan for deposit refund.
Reading Halls Rules
• Keep Silence in the reading hall.

• Eatables are not allowed.

• Every student must have his/her Identity Card while entering in the reading hall.

• Write your name in the register while entering in the reading hall.

• Reading Hall timings will be extended during examinations with prior notice.

• Reading Hall will be kept open on Sunday between 11.00 am to 5.00 pm during examinations.

• Magazines, Newspapers, Question Paper sets, Reference books are not allowed to take outside the library.

• Suggestion Box is kept at the counter in main library. Your objective and positive/healthy suggestions are welcome.

• Strict action will be taken for any misbehaviour in the reading hall.

• Kindly switch off the mobile phone whenever you are in the reading hall.
Digital Library Rules
• Internet / Digital facility is for all students.

• Every student will get 1hr. for the use of Internet.

• Students must register their name & timing, one day before.

• Playing games, chatting, Downloading any pictures/ songs, videos & misuse of internet is not allowed.

• Do not save any material on PC.

• Printing/Downloading is allowed with prior permission of Librarian.

• Printing/Xeroxing will be provided on payment.

• Every newly admitted student should attend the Information Literacy Programme of library.
Digital Library