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In terms of culture and education, Murshidabad is one of the comparatively backward districts of our country. The most backward area in the District is Domkal. 90% of the people in this area are from the minority community and that is one of reasons for falling behind educationally, though the situation has improved recently. After the formation of Domkal Sub-Division in 2000 there has been progress in building educational infrastructure. The mindset towards education has also changed. There is no General degree college in proper Domkal. Later, in view of the lack of development and infrastructure of girls’ education the Domkal Girls’ College was established in 23rd February 2011 on 5 acres of land provided by the Government of West Bengal. On 23rd August 2014, the Honourable president of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the new building of this college. The foundation of the Domkal Girls’ College as first post-independence girls’ college in Murshidabad District is an historic event and it has already played a very significant role in development of girls’ education in these few years. We hope it will play an even more important role in the future. At present honours courses have been introduced in 5 subjects in Bengali, English, History, Education and Political Science. About 2000 girls student have got admitted into this college for getting an opportunity in Higher Education during the current academic year.

The college now has its own website and online admission system. Office work, library management and accounting system of the college are now fully computerized. Domkal Girls’ college is proud of its achievements made possible by its keen students, excellent teaching faculty and able supporting staff. I hope you would find this site useful. I express my heartfelt thanks to those who helped us start this college, stood by us and helped from the beginning of the college to the present day and my thanks and congratulations to all the students, their parents, Teacher-in-charge, the teachers, non-teaching staff and members of the Governing Body.

-Shri Anisur Rahaman , Ex-Minister Govt. W.B, MLA of Domkal, Founder of the College and President of the Governing Body.