Common Activities

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The college calendar includes several common activities, which are open to all the students or all the students of a batch. While participation in some of the events may be mandatory, the college encourages students to participate in these programmes enthusiastically and enrich their experience of studying in the college. Some of these events also include contests or competitions, which are aimed at motivating the students for developing and showcasing their talents and skills as well as gain the experience of facing competitive situations in a sporting manner. Students may also utlise the opportunities for volunteer work and build their organizational and management abilities. These events are also intended build bonds of togetherness and create warm and friendly feelings towards each other and make the college life highly rewarding and enjoyable.

Tentative Schedule the following are some of the common events, which are organized every year.
Fresher’s Orientation Programme
Founder's Day
Fresher’s Welcome
Students Union Election
Cultural Function
Annual Sports Day
Annual Day